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Posted by Kate Hawkins on Friday, September 13, 2013,
So today, we have a guest author from a forum called FictionPost. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to get all three chapters done--school has been busy-- but I hope you enjoy her short little piece.I don't have access to FP at school where I'm updating from, but with the username and website, it shouldn't be hard to find them. So, the username is MuzikMafia. They're a fairly active member of FP, as far as I know. Please go check their stuff out. It really is good.

Eight years ago he held my ...
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If You Can Hear Me

Posted by Kate Hawkins on Tuesday, September 3, 2013,
Good morning, everyone! Lately, I've been looking for guest authors, and on August 31, Naomi Laeuchli emailed me asking if she could write for me. She sent in her story yesterday, and I can honestly say that I love her writing style. The story is also unique, and I've never read anything quite like it. So, here's her piece. A link to her website/blog and a picture and short bio will be featured at the end of the piece.

If you can hear me…I don’t know where I am. The ship’s computer is...

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